About mafemaria

Welcome, and thank you for your interest!
I am Maria Stultz.

Ever since I can remember, my biggest passion has been to design and create tangible products. My mind is visual, detail–oriented, and convinced that she can do —or learn to do— almost everything herself. And so, my ideas usually involve detailed work and multi-step processes that attempt to create beauty and function out of simple and raw materials. That is the kind of artisan I am: I enjoy designing and creating products that derive their soul and uniqueness from the artistic transformation and combination of its inputs, not from the pre-made beauty of costly processed products like gems, precious metals, pre-designed components, or textile designer prints.

Transformation and experimentation are my creative engines, so I like to learn new handcrafting techniques with my projects, create my own art and illustrations for designs, handprint and appliqué textiles, and I prefer to use humble and eco-friendly materials like wood from tree prunings, textile remnants, scrap paper, repurposed objects, etc. As I become more conscious of industrial practices that pollute our environment, I try to replace or limit my use of its products.

I enjoy the challenge of executing an intricate process. I take pride in the transformation of the original materials. I love it when I need math and algebra to solve a design problem. That is the creative process that best fits my skills, DIY spirit, artistic inclination, and love for handcrafting.


Mafe, short for “Maria Fernanda” is the name I was given at birth in Colombia. It’s how my family and early friends know me. It’s my past.

Maria is the short and easy name I gave Americans when I moved to the U.S. in my twenties. It has become my name. It’s my present.

I am both: Mafe and Maria; Spanish and English; Colombian and half–gringa. I feel both divided and enriched by these two worlds, and no doubt, they both reflect in my ideas and finished products.

My background also includes: Industrial engineering, corporate finance, web design and development, and the one that has expanded me the most: special-needs motherhood.

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