For the first Father’s Day after our baby was born, I wanted to give matching Colombian vueltiao hats to my husband and baby boy. I did a lot of research online and couldn’t find the hat on any kid or baby sizes. So I made my own version of it, and it turned out so cute and unique, that I decided to start an ongoing series of tiny vueltiao hats, or “vueltiaítos™” as I call them.

Vueltiaito n.4. A Colombian vueltiao hat for babies Vueltiaito n.3. A baby hat inspired by the Colombian vueltiao Vueltiaito n.2. A baby take on the Colombian vueltiao hat Vueltiaito n.1. A Colombian vueltiao hat for my baby

Maria Q. Stultz
Designer • Artisan

Originally from Colombia, Maria has lived in the U.S. since 1997. With previous lives as a Financial Analyst, and then a Web Designer, she has finally returned to her passion for handcrafting. More about the artist »